LBS take control with U Do

PFS_LBSRoofLBS are the leading supplier of specialist roofing and building products on the island of Ireland. Their comprehensive range of natural roofing slates, clay tiles, roof ventilation and accessories, membranes and whole house accessories are sourced from leading manufacturers around the world.

It was only natural then, that they would want the best possible platform for their corporate website. U Do gives them the power to display their large product range and yet maintain control over all the site content from any location.

Libertas's Managing Director, Steve Byrne said "LBS were always happy with the look of their website, but needed to be able to manage and update without having to wait on a third party to carry out the changes. We were able to bring their site into U Do on a short timescale, and maintain the existing look and feel within a totally manageable framework. That's the beauty of this system - it's so flexible, and allows you to generate a complex site very quickly."

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